Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

ZW8-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW8-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • ZW8-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZW8-12 (G)-serial vacuum circuit breaker is rated voltage 12KV, three-phase AC 50Hz outdoor high voltage switchgear is mainly used to breaking Closing Rural power network, city network and small power system load current, overload current, short-circuit current. The product of the overall structure is box-type three-phase, three-phase vacuum interrupter placed in metal boxes, using SMC insulation material and inter-phase insulation and ground insulation, reliable performance, high dielectric strength.
ZW8-12G is ZW8-12 a composite by circuit breaker and isolating switch, called the combination of circuit breakers, use for disconnect switches
This series of operating mechanism for the CT23-type spring operating mechanism energy storage can be divided into two kinds of electric and manual.

No Item Unit Data
6.3kA 12.5kA 20kA
1 Rated voltage kA 6.3 12 20
2 Rated current A 16 630(1250) 50
3 Rated short-circuit breaking current kA 16 12.5 50
4 Rated short circuit closed current (peak) kA 6.3 31.5 20
5 Rated peak withstand current kA   31.5  
6 Rated short-circuit withstand current kA   12.5  
7 Rated insulation level power frequency withstand voltages (dry)   42
Lightning impulse withstand voltage (peak)   75
8 Rated operating sequence   O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO
9 Mechanical life times 1000
10 Rated short-circuit breaking current breaking times times 20
11 Rated closing voltage of operation mechanism V 110220
12 Rated opening voltage of operation mechanism V 110220
13 Contact distance mm 11±1
14 Over stroke (compression length of contact spring) mm 3 (+1,-0.3)
15 Three phase closing and opening non-synchronism ms ≤2
16 Contact closing bounce duration ms ≤2
17 Average opening speed m/s 1.0±0.2
18 Average closing speed m/s 0.7±0.15
19 Opening time m/s 15-50
20 Closing time m/s 25-50
21 Resistance of main loop for each phase µΩ ≤0.06
22 Permitted accumulate wear-thickness of dynamic and static contact mm ≤200

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