Corporate Culture

Brecht's Corporate Mission

As the focus on the power switch, protection and control of innovative technology leader, we are committed to the development and manufacture of reliable products to customers to deliver the most long-term value of the solution.

Brecht's Guiding Principles

1. Brecht's all business all abide by integrity.
2. Brecht strive to meet the highest standards of workplace safety.
3. As a privately owned company, Brecht company focused on long-term development, both for the company's most profitable business reinvestment.
4. Brecht has a diverse workforce, and create trust, mutual aid, self-esteem and respect for corporate culture.
5. By learning new knowledge, contribute new ideas, to lead the new changes, S & C is constantly improving our business and business methods.
6. Brecht select suppliers long-term cooperation, and tend to the cooperation and support continuous improvement of the company's suppliers. All relationshi
ps are with quality, reliability, integrity and mutual benefit and win-win basis.
7. Hitler committed to reducing the impact of our products and business activities on the environment and increase the use of renewable energy.
8. Brecht and their communities to maintain strong mutual relationship.