Company Talent Concept
1. People-Oriented
People-oriented to emphasize that respect for human beings.
Respect for human differences with its director, optimize human resources, be utilized, can make the best use.
Respect for human capacity differences, different contributions people have different rewards, responsibilities, powers and interests, abilities, and reward the contribution of symmetrical, responsibilities, powers and interests relative said.

2. The Amount Will Apply
Talented reuse, virtuous without appointment only, non-German Yigai not.
Amount will apply, because it can posts, the ability to determine positions and contribute to determine the value.
The use of "capable, concerning" competition mechanism to stimulate the human resources potential and initiative, so both ability and integrity, high efficiency talents to the fore.

3. Innovation Beyond
Learning to innovate and beyond, never satisfied.
Improve the pay incentives, performance management insist on careful analysis and summary of evaluation results, so that penalties and rewards, objective and impartial award is well spent, the penalty was supposed to.
Adhere to the "Today's best score is the minimum standard of tomorrow!"

4. Common Success
Unequal relationship between changes in the traditional enterprise and employees, so that employees and enterprises on an equal footing, both to the common goal.
We think: everyone is a talent. Now pay attention to each of talent, development and future. Talent is the company's biggest success success. Advocated "personal and common development of enterprises."