Outdoor vacuum circuit breaker

ZW20-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW20-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

  • ZW20-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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ZW20-12 type of outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (hereinafter referred to as the circuit breaker) rated voltage 12 kV, three-phase AC frequency 50 Hz outdoor power distribution equipment. It uses vacuum arcing and SF6 gas as dielectric, used to introduce the Toshiba VSP5 gas seal, explosion, insulation structure technology, the outlet and sealing performance catheter improvement, and the overall good sealing, filling SF6 gas inside the leakage, not by external environmental impact. Its spring operation mechanism for a mini design and reliability and stability optimization, uses the straight moving chain main transmission and multilevel tripping system, operating reliability and stability than traditional domestic institutions have increased significantly. The main loop of the axis of the contact between the outside adduction of type chain structure, and its small contact resistance, low temperature. So, ZW20-12 type of outdoor high vacuum circuit breaker is a free maintenance product, is the column in the circuit breaker optimal health.
ZW20-12 type of outdoor boundary circuit breaker meet the national GB1984 the high-voltage ac breaker "and GB/T11022 the high voltage switch equipment and control equipment of common technology standard requirements," and the relevant IEC standard. With the current protection, grounding protection, reclose function. Through the air and controller have inserted connected: fault automatic resection phase-to-ground fault, automatic disconnect alternate with quick location, short-circuit fault fault point, the event log automation function. Good electrical and agency performance, ZW20A-12 type of outdoor boundary circuit breaker be widely used. For the main section, close 10 kV power system load current and short-circuit current, suitable for transformer substations and industrial and mining enterprises distribution systems to make protection and control in more suitable to the power grid frequent operation occasion. This product and controller form a complete set, as a dividing line for power companies and users circuit breaker boundary first circuit breaker, have the full protection of the performance, excellent coincidence device function, meet the power distribution automation system requirements.

NO. item unit value
1 Rated voltage KV 12
2 Rated current A 630, 1250
3 Rated frequency HZ 50
4 1min power frequency withstand voltage Dry KV 42/48
Wet 34
5 lightning impulse withstand current (peak) KV 75/85
6 Rated short-circuit breaking current KA 20 25
7 Rated short-circuit current (peak) KA 50 63
8 Rated peak withstand current KA 50 63
9 4s short-time withstand current KA 20 25
10 Rated operating cycle   sub-0.3s-hop sub-180s-hop sub
11 rated short-circuit current breaking time times 30
12 mechanical life times 10000
13 secondary circuit 1 min power frequency withstand voltage KV 2

ZW20-12 Outdoor Vacuum Circuit Breaker



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